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Our Branch engages in initiatives that support the NAACP mission, which has remained constant for the past 107 years.  The call of the civil rights movement, the charge of patriarchs and matriarchs and the cry of our children to create a more inclusive nation in which every American has equal opportunity, still serve as a firm conviction and passion with which we lead in the battle of civil and human rights.

We have registered 1000’s of individuals to vote over the past several years. It is very important that everyone participates in the political process.  We believe that when our people have social justice, they won't need social service.  We should not take lightly the struggle of women and men who fought for the rights of all men and women to vote.  It’s very important to vote in every election, local, state and national.  It is our right to voice our opinions regarding our elected leaders and their policies.  Let's honor the memory of those persons who fought for our right to vote, who marched for our right to vote, who died for our right to vote.

I encourage you, if you are not a member of this Branch, please consider joining today by clicking the link.

Alicia Hinkle

Irving NAACP